Jay Skolnikís Biography

Jay Skolnik, PE, CPM, CPI, a Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer, is the co-founder and Lead Engineer / Consultant of Skolnik Technical, a woman-owned, minority small business founded in 1997 in beautiful Albuquerque, NM.

With over thirty years of experience in the electronics industry, he has developed a multitude of products utilized in the different industries, including  avionics, commercial, industrial, medical, automotive and sports entertainment.     

Various highlights of Jay's outstanding accomplishments comprise of his designs of advanced, reliable avionics electronics instrumentations.  Applying his extensive experience in the aerospace industry to the needs of today's global jewelry manufacturers, he had instrumentally brought science to the art of casting, by developing the Advanced Dynamic Computer (ADC) for precision-engineered jewelry induction casting machines with revolutionary casting benefits - the most dependable, fault-tolerant, best-built electronic systems of the Neutec/USA J-5, J-10b and J-15 jewelry induction casting machines, which effectively have earned Neutec/USA its renowned status as the technological leader of casting systems by casters around the world.

Jay was also instrumental in a multitude of other different design projects, including the engineering of the Electronic Control Module (ECM) of an auxiliary power unit for tractor trailer trucks for the reduction of fuel consumption & emission, the design of a multi-colored LED light module for emergency vehicles for elimination of keyboard use at night time, and the design of health fitness assessment systems, as well as the development of various devices for the medical industry and sports entertainment.

Having successfully received training in Lean Manufacturing from MEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership), applying the practical, valuable concepts of Lean Manufacturing, Jay instrumentally leads our team in effectively designing, engineering, and developing our customers' products for a lean manufacturing environment. 

Jay is an ESD Program Manager certified by the ESD Association.  Certified by iNARTE (International Association of Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics) and as an active member of the ESD Association since 1999, Jay is an expert ESDC (Electrostatic Discharge Control) Consultant, who is also a highly skilled, qualified IPC-certified ESDC Instructor, that possesses multi years of experience and knowledge in ESD and technical excellence in training, know-how and job performance.  He's a Certified ESD Specialist / Plant Auditor & Certified ESDA TR53 Technician, in accordance with the ANSI/ESD S20.20 Plant Auditor program by ESDA (ESD Association).  In addition, Jay is a Certified Professional Instructor (CPI) of National Instruments (NI), for the NI Electronics Workbench MultiSIM (capturing, simulating and analyzing electronics designs) & UltiBOARD (designing printed circuit boards) software programs.  

Electronics, for all time, has been Jay's passion and forte, even when he was a little child.  He enthusiastically reaches out to the community, promoting, and explaining the importance & significance of math, science, and engineering to students of all ages from elementary to high school grades, as well as sponsors, mentors, and offers technical guidance to college engineering students with their class design projects.  Amongst his volunteering activities, one of them is the enlightening HMTech summer program, a Hands-On & Minds-On Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) program designed for middle school & high school students.  Jay has been an instructor of HMTech, teaching kids basic fundamentals and applying what they have learned to fun hands-on activities.  He also actively supported the School to World event, helping 8th & 9th grade students explore areas of interest and possible career choices and determine the education & training requirements for careers.  As an avid electronics aficionado, the HAM Radio Club is one of his fervors; thus he has acquired his license to become an Amateur Radio Operator.   In addition to his keen enthusiasm in electrical engineering, Jay is also fascinated with flying.  He is a private pilot, who loves to be on the wing, soaring in high air, and is always looking for this exciting pleasure.



Jay Skolnikís Biography

(with emphasis on ESD Control Services)


Jay is a certified ESD Program Manager by the ESD Association.  Also certified by iNARTE (The International Association of Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics) and as an active member of the ESD Association since 1999, Jay is an expert ESDC (Electrostatic Discharge Control) Consultant & Auditor of electronics and explosives ESD protection requirements, who is also a highly skilled, talented IPC-certified ESDC Instructor/Trainer, that possesses multi years of experience and knowledge in ESD and technical excellence in training, know-how and job performance.  Throughout his ESD control teaching, he dynamically involves the students in their learning, enhancing their knowledge about the subject of ESD, as well as helping them to extend a thorough appreciation for ESD control, not only with respect to the protection of electronic products from ESD hazards & failures but also to the human safety assurance of personnel with regard to explosives when subjected to various levels of ESD energy

As an independent, well-respected, seasoned ESD Consultant, Jay provides quality operations on ESD equipment, ESD examination, investigation, evaluation, analysis and audits of numerous facilities throughout the U.S., successfully aiding them with their ESD Control Programs.  Jay instrumentally offers specialized technical services in ESD, supporting and assisting with application-specific engineering projects, failures, problems, issues and/or concerns.  Upon assessment completion, his professional input and advice are provided to the customers for review, consideration and implementation.  His extensive electronics & electrical engineering background has provided him with valuable insights and much profound, in-depth, comprehensive understanding of the ESD subject, to better serve and effectively help customers with their specific ESD control needs & requirements.

Jayís ESD control service is of an instructive, consultative style Ė the approach is of dialogue and principle-based emphasis (versus the traditional procedural-based method).  He not only thoroughly examines, assesses, and validates all aspects of the customersí ESD Control Programs to ensure that they are in compliance with the ESD industry recognized practices and procedures and with their defined company procedures, but also actively educates the customers during the audit/survey/examination, by enthusiastically encouraging them in their learning and dynamically involving them in the ESD review process, in order to improve their understanding about ESD, and to help them to develop a greater appreciation for ESD control, as well as to remind them of their responsibilities.

With ESD audits/surveys, Jay methodically inspects and verifies all aspects of the customerís ESD Control Program to ensure that they comply with the applicable EOS/ESD industry best, recognized practices & policies and conform to their company specifications & requirements.  All discrepancies related to the customerís ESD Control Program are recorded and reported, which may consist of control methods, technical requirements, materials, and equipment such as grounding/bonding systems, protective materials, protective packaging, marking, handling, humidity control, ionization & monitoring methods, personnel grounding, protected areas and sensitivity testing, etc., as well as the administrative requirements, including the ESD training plan and the ESD compliance verification plan.

Jay conducts well-documented analysis of customerís ESD environment and ensures an unbiased report. Upon audit completion, he compiles, reviews, and assesses the detailed ESD audit notes to prepare the complete audit & evaluation report for submission to the customer, providing his input & feedback and the appropriate ESD control advice, as well as all necessary corrective actions, including recommendations for proper ESD control tools & equipment, in order to ensure that the customerís ESD Control Program will be in compliance with the applicable, accepted ESD industry best practices & guidelines.  His ultimate goal is to effectively help customers to continually improve, manage and sustain a well-organized and successful ESD Control Program, ensuring both human safety and product reliability!